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Immortal Human Life:

EVERY stage is vital. 

Let us celebrate it

Let us support it

From conception

to natural death. 

The Club


We meet periodically when a member wants to present a pro-life speaker, a video, or a project proposal. We pray together, reflect, discuss, and plan. We sponsor and host courses, movie nights, and presentations for club members and for the whole parish.



Current member activities:


> USCCB pastoral plan: Coordination of parish pro-life activities and liturgies with the USCCB/ Diocesan Pro-Life/Respect Life initiatives


> Support and help coordinate public anti-abortion activities of parishioners (e.g.'s yearly walk for life, 40 days for life, Juan Diego Society)


> Promoting chastity to oppose a root cause of "contraceptive" and surgical abortions


> Providing instruction in natural family planning


> Countering killings for convenience (e.g'.s Gabriel project, home visitation for disabled, elderly, those dying at home and their caregivers)


> Pro-life book rack materials





Some Pro-life websites:

Pregnant? Need help?

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