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Pastoral Advisory Committee

The original Parish Council, established in 1965, was reactivated as the Pastoral Advisory Council in 1993.


The Council is composed of the elected or appointed leaders of all Parish organization and ministries, along with our Parish Priests, lay and religious staff leaders and three members-at-large, appointed annually by the Pastor.


The purpose of the Council is two-fold:


a) Intercommunication among the many and varied organizations and programs sponsored by the Parish;

b) A source of advice and counsel to the Pastor on Parish operations, major projects, scheduling, etc.


The Pastoral Advisory Council meets four times a year to review parish financial reports and to share information on all parish activities. Additional meetings may be called by the Pastor for specific purposes.


Currently, there are 34 members on the Council. Those interested in serving as "at-large" appointees should speak with the Pastor, who chairs the Council, or with the Parish Administrator, who serves as facilitator. 

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