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Charismatic Prayer Group

The Charismatic Prayer Group is a gathering of Christians formed to give praise and thanks to Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, as the Spirit leads us. In an age of ever-increasing activity and stress that stifle God's spirit and grace, Christians are drawn to the simplicity and power of the early Christians who found strength and consolation in praying as a community.


The gathering has a two-fold purpose: to honor and worship God and to build up the body of Christ in love as brothers and sisters. In the Lord's presence they listen and learn and allow themselves to be vessels "fit for the Lord Himself to use and keep ready for any good work" II Timothy 2:21. Even today there are those who wonder "Rabboni, where do you stay?" And the Lord responds, "Come and see!"


If interested in attending or joining this group, please contact Angie Ahmad at 408-258-2552.


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