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St. Victor Parish Hall Comittee

 As St. Victor Parish grew, more room was necessary. A dream began as ground was blessed and broken on May 28, 1978 by Father Ahearn and St. Victor Hall was begun. Bill Scheid was the head of the building committee along with many members of the parish. Many parishioners donated their talents and money to make this hall a reality and on Easter, 1979, St. Victor Hall was no longer a dream but an actuality. The first bingo game was held at St. Victor Hall in October, 1979. People were waiting in long lines to get in. Another challenge was met.


St. Victor Hall is probably the most frequently used facility on the parish grounds. More than 700 activity requests are handled by the scheduling committee annually. The groups using the hall are all parish sponsored organizations. No individual parishioners or outside persons have use of the facilities. Years ago second priority use was by St. Victor's parishioners for wedding receptions, baptisms etc. However, with the continual growth of our parish only primary parish sponsored organizations can now apply for use of the hall.    

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