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Donate Online


Donate using WeShare - Click Here

Why Donate Online?


  • It benefits you and our parish

  • It is easy, friendly and trouble-free

  • Donate once or set up donations automatically

  • No more envelopes. No more checks to write !!


What is Donate Online?


An alternate means of Sunday and holiday giving to St. Victor Church. Instead of weekly envelopes, WeShare collects contributions from your checking, savings, or credit card account (on the 5th day of each month). There is NO cost to you for using Donate Online.


What are the benefits to you?


You do not have to worry about mailing in your envelope or bringing it to Sunday mass. No more last minute checks to write every week, or worrying about catching-up missed donations when you are on vacation or ill. You are in full control, and can adjust your giving or cancel at any time.



How does Donate Online relate to the use of weekly envelopes?

If you choose to participate in Donate Online, it can replace your weekly envelopes. Each month, the funds are deducted from your account and directly credited to St. Victor Church. As you do now, you will receive the same year-end annual report from St. Victor Church for your tax records. You will also receive a separate letter for any one time donation over $250. 

What about Holidays? What about Special collections?

If you wish, you can specify your giving level for these at anytime. 

I want to try it. How do I use Donate Online?

It is easy to sign up. There are two ways to enroll in WeShare:

        1.  WeShare - Click Here


        2. Call WeShare toll-free at

1-800- 950-9952 and give them the information over the phone. 


After initial donation, you can login and review, add, adjust donations by entering username and password. 

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