The Great Adventure Scripture Study Program

Returns This Fall to St. Victor’s!


There are 73 books in the Bible, and many stories. Together, these stories contribute to a single Story. It has been called “the greatest story ever told” – the story of God’s plan for us, His people. It has been given to us through the Church and written in Sacred Scripture – not only so we can read the story, but so we can meet God there, hear Him speak, and be changed by the encounter.
















This grand narrative, the “Story,” tells us who we are, why we are here, and what we were made for. It tells us that God is, that He loves us, and how He has acted through the ages so we can get from here to Him.


The primary purpose of The Great Adventure is to provide a simple, faithful (with Imprimatur), Catholic approach to Scripture study that invites people into a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ.


The Great Adventure recognizes that while the Bible is made up of many different books, it is tied together by the single story of God’s plan. All study in The Great Adventure springs from a foundation of knowing first that plan as it is told in the Scripture narrative. The Old Testament is read in light of the New, and vice versa, and all is read from within the context of the overall plan of God’s revelation.


St. Victor’s is offering four Scripture courses this Fall. The Foundation Series in The Great Adventure Scripture series and “The Book of Revelation”.



The Foundation Series is a three-part program that integrates personal reading with studying the “big picture” of the Scriptural narrative in light of the Catholic faith.

*Step 1 in the series is “The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation”. Presenter: Trevor Burke – phone 408-945-1044.

*Step 2 in the series is “Matthew: The King and His Kingdom”. Presenter: Sam Milan – phone 408-954-2352.

*Step 3 in the series is “Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom”. Presenter: Lisa Miller – phone 408-506-6653.


In addition, “The Book of Revelation” will be offered this Fall! The Wednesday session will meet in the Hall (presenter: Trevor Burke – 408-945-1044) and a Thursday session will meet in the Perata Center (presenter Mary Morris – 408-251-9931)


YOU are invited to sign-up for either Step 1 (“The Bible Timeline”), Step 2 (“Matthew”), Step 3 (“Acts”) or “The Book of Revelation”. Classes will begin during September, 2013. Click the button to sign up or you may contact the course presenter. The wisdom of St. Jerome is as true today as when he uttered the words 1,600 years ago, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ!” Love your neighbor…..invite him or her to a Scripture class.

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