Eastside Fish

EASTSIDE F.I.S.H. - After 44 years of serving the Eastside of San Jose, F.I.S.H. closed their food pantry on October 30, 2015.  The property where the pantry was located was sold.  When FISH was first established, there was a great need on the Eastside of San Jose for food services – in 1971 there were no food pantries in our area.  Over the years, while there is still a need for the services that FISH provided, more agencies have arisen, and they have the manpower and capacity to serve many more clients than FISH could accommodate.  FISH “weathered” the financial instability of the early years and the lack of volunteers in the later years.  Many of these obstacles were overcome through the generosity of St. Victor Church and its parishioners – both with your financial support and the many wonderful St. Victor volunteers who helped with their time and talents.  THANK YOU for all of your support since 1971.  May God bless you many fold for all you have done for those less fortunate.


EASTSIDE F.I.S.H. Steering Committee

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