Do you or your family feel called to a stronger relationship with God ?
Do you want to develop a vibrant personal and family prayer life ?
Do you want to meet new friends and families who will walk with you in your spiritual journey ?
Are you searching for the JOY and empowering LOVE of Christ for yourself and your family ?


The St Victor Evangelization Committee invites YOU and your family to attend Arise ! A Family Walk towards the Christian Life.




Orientation Session will be on April 26, 2014

PLACE : St Victor School Room #8

              3108 Sierra Rd, San Jose, CA 95132

TIME : 7:00 - 7:15 pm Registration

            Program follows right after



What is Arise! ?

Arise! is a series of talks leading Christian

couples and family members to answer God’s

call to be transformed and renewed by the Holy

Spirit to live JOYFUL lives in Christ.




It seeks to help YOU find the answers to questions about you and your family life :

  • How does God's Love and the Life of Jesus Christ apply to me in in my struggles as a husband or wife ? as a father or mother?

  • How do I lead my family to a life of Faith ?

  • How can we live an authentic Christian life ?

  • How can we live up to the Ideal Christian Family ?

  • How do we get the power to be renewed and transformed so that we can live JOYFUL family lives ?


Arise! is open to ALL — couples, parents and their children, single men and women, divorced or widowed men and women, single mothers and fathers.


It does not cost anything to attend the program. Yes, It's FREE! Light snack is provided and Kids Watch is available during the sessions. The only investment is your time and your openness.


Questions ? Call Edsel/Azaleah (408)838-9061 or Ferdie/Belle (408)887-6213.


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